The Guru's Gift: A Kundalini Awakening

Spiritual awakening, Human evolution, What is a Human being?


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About the Author

Born in the UK, and naturalized American, Ruth Angela was living a Yuppie existence in Texas when she had a strange prophetic dream which foretold a spiritual awakening. Some five years later, after becoming a mother, a graduate student, a pilot, and moving to Hawaii, Ruth was given a dramatic spiritual awakening. The amazing revelations and events that followed, sent her on a 30-year quest to understand this mysterious transformational process called Kundalini Awakening. This book is the culmination of her 20 years of research and integration. She is semi-retired, living in San Francisco, near to her family.

Reviews From Amazon 5* Ratings:

John B. Rook : Excellent Insights
January 19, 2014. *one of the first readers

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

This is a meticulously researched and drafted chronology of the author’s extended awakening process.  Many aspects are dealt with. These include:
– an exhaustive account of her roller-coaster emotional journey and, more specifically, of how her personal relationships and self-identity were impacted by the upward passage of the energy
– intuitive and objective analyses on what forces were at work in laying the foundations of her spiritual experience, including past life insights and early childhood influences
For its ease of reading, its thoroughness and its numerous cross-references, this book has a richness and depth not dissimilar to that of Bonnie Greenwell’s “Energies of Transformation” albeit that its primary focus is on the unique experiences of the author.
In summary, congratulations on a brilliant book – this is another treasure for my Kundalini library!!

Elan Sun Star: An Excellent guide to Consciousness and Spirit
August 13, 2014

Format: Paperback

An Excellent guide to Consciousness adventures and the transforming power of the Kundalini experience and the resulting increase of conscious mindful living This book includes many anecdotal stories of the Author’s life and insights both prior to the Kundalini awakening and after. It also includes a selection of other insights into the research into conscious experience and increasing awareness and intelligence of mind body and spirit.
I enjoyed especially the fact that this is no dry factual analysis or repetition of old outworn phrases about Kundalini bay past authors but rather a fresh new approach to describing accurately one’s personal experience and opening the door to the reader’s interest in pursuing Kundalini further in daily practice.

Scott Knudsen: Kundalini Guidebook.
April 19, 2015

This is one of my favorite Kundalini books. It is more of a guidebook on how to deal with the process of one’s Kundalini rising, rather than a how to make it rise type of book. The author quotes from lots of excellent books (that I have already read) to help one on their path. Everyone’s path is different, but I think she has all bases covered.

Charles I really LOVED this book
July 24, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

I really LOVED this book. The author is an INCREDIBLE individual, so much so, that I would very much like to meet her some day. In this book, the author has told the most WONDERFUL tale, too WILD to have made it up. I have so many questions, I do not know where to begin. It is seemingly a “science-fiction novel” to the left brain. Yet MOST science fiction novels are based upon a deeper truth that points us in a mind-opening direction. A direction that allows the reader to vicariously experience what she has gone through. This book is well worth reading, but ONLY if your ready for your left brain be “blown away”… A STANDING OVATION TO RUTH ANGELA FOR WRITING THS BOOK!!!

Bobb: Amazing book
December 24, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition    Verified Purchase

This book will be absolutely needed for any who has had their kundalini awakened. This will change your mind completely.