The Guru's Gift: A Kundalini Awakening

Spiritual awakening, Human evolution, What is a Human being?

Kundalini related ARTICLES

  1. Healing methods for meditators. These have different techniques to help deal with pains that come in the chakras from clearing energy. Some are ancient and some are my inventions I have found work well. Healing   (Adobe PDF format)
  2. Resources for help with Kundalini Symptoms: General advice to assist in crises and discomfort. Advice   (Adobe PDF format)
  3. Chapter 2 of The Guru’s Gift: A Kundalini Awakening by Ruth Angela. Free Preview  (Adobe PDF format)
  4. Interpersonal problems when Kundalini awakens? Other people may get irritated for no obvious reason. Is it your fault? Find some answers here: Relating   (Adobe PDF format)
  5. The Bibliography from my book with a great number of books on Kundalini and related topics. Bibliography  (Adobe PDF format)
  6. List of helpful books that can guide someone who needs to get help for what is happening with the Kundalini. Helpful Sources  (Adobe PDF format).
  7. Seeing strange beings in your meditation? Find out about entities. Lots of wisdom from various teachers. Entities   (Adobe PDF format)
  8. Thanks to the Kundalini Support Network, Dr. Susan Carlson, Bhavin Desai, and Robin Rustad, moderators.
  9. See Steven Barker on entities on YouTube.
  10. Check out my friend Jade Wahoo Grigori at Articles for information on Spiritual Parasites.


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