The Guru's Gift: A Kundalini Awakening

Spiritual awakening, Human evolution, What is a Human being?

About the author

Ruth Angela,

About the Author:

British born, Ruth Angela, wife, mother and English teacher, was living in a quiet village in Hawaii when she received a dramatic Kundalini awakening in 1979 during a visit to a meditation center; so began a strange, heroic but lonely journey into the essence of life itself.  The topic of Kundalini at that time was hardly known in the West, yet under the benevolent care of her spiritual teacher, his practices, and his lineage, Ruth began the strange unraveling of the ego that brings a cosmic awareness of the unity of the universe and man’s role in it.  Curious about this then unknown phenomenon, Ruth undertook thousands of hours of research, traveling to India for courses in Kashmir Shaivism, visiting Ashrams, meeting spiritual teachers and studying Advaita, Buddhism, Huna and both modern and ancient texts.  This book is the culmination of her research which has been guided from within by her guru and motivated by her desire to explain the dramatic events to her family and to help others going through this.

Ruth has been publishing about Kundalini on the Internet since 1996 and offering limited on-line support since 2006 for those in crisis.

Ruth Angela is retired from college teaching and lives in San Francisco near her family. Interview questions about the writing of this book can be found at : Smashwords

San Francisco, 2013.

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The history of this book The Guru’s Gift:A Kundalini Awakening




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